Kross je skupni prostor za DUP in MAP, ki združuje različne predmete / module / letnike / stopnje v skupnih projektih.

Kross is a space for cross-section courses: joint DUP and MAP courses, different module / year / subject joint projects.

The 3-day intensive workshop is titled "DIY Electronic Arts" and acts as a 2ECTS course part of the "Nove tehnologije in komunikacije / New Technologies and Communications" part of the "Digitalni Praktikum" module in the DUP programme. The participants will learn about those basics of electronics both on physical, software and hardware level that are relevant for contemporary (media) artistic practice, currently known under the DIY or DIWO and similar tags, both in theory and especially in practice

This course unites all students and mentor present at the "pitch" event in the realm of Animation.